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About Us

We strive to help you, the business owner,  choose the right business systems for your business. We help you implement the business processes and create a smooth workflow.

You can create quality systems, using the available technology. Microsoft Business Central is integrated by design. At a competitive price point, we can help you use it in your small to medium business.

We have a unique offering, able to assist you with your IT, communications and technology strategy.  We look at the whole business technology blueprint to ensure that all of it works well together.


Business systems and technology integration

Webcafe is passionate about helping business owners with technology integration:

  • business systems
  • hardware
  • software
  • communications
  • website

Focus on your business strengths.

We partner with powerful suppliers with tested products. We offer several levels of audits to determine  the best solutions for your business. 

Partner with us to implement the best communications and technology hardware, software and systems. We make sure they all work together seamlessly.  Technology is the basis of all your systems.

Our management team


Rudi is our CEO and technical boffin. He is the mastermind of the company.

Rudi can provide you with a technical blueprint for your company’s hardware, software, systems & communication to work in harmony.


Alicia is our admin and financial manager.

She runs the accounts department, making sure  your accounts are up to date.

Feel free to contact Alicia for all account related queries.


Christina is our business system architect with 40 years IT experience in various roles such as business analyst & project manager. 

Contact Christina for all Microsoft Business Central related queries.


Experienced Staff

We have more than 60 years of communications,telecoms and IT experience in the Webcafe.


Professional & Friendly

Professional and clear communication is the basis of good relationships with our clients.


Integration Capabilities

No more integration issues as we can manage the whole spectrum of technology, from hardware to systems to communications.