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Dynamics 365 Business Central – Integrated by design

Are you tired of disconnected systems?

We are committed to your business success,

even if you are in manufacturing.

Are your business systems in chaos?

double-rod pendulum animation showing chaotic behavior

This is what Wikipedia has to say about this picture:

  • Starting the pendulum from a slightly different initial condition would result in a completely different trajectory.
  • This is the problem Microsoft is solving for small to medium businesses in Africa.
  • With Business Central, the systems are integrated by design. They started from the best possible initial condition.

What is the true cost of siloed systems?

Siloed systems have a major cost impact. These are just a few of the negative results of disconnected systems

  • Different systems mean duplicate data
  • Custom integration between systems are costly
  • Disparate systems are supported by different suppliers
  • Companies cannot agree on which supplier is at fault when things go wrong
  • Manual processes require extensive spreadsheets
  • Only the spreadsheet creator understands the formulae in there
  • Staff manually transfers data between systems, leading to errors

Disconnected processes

Disconnected processes require extensive business process manuals and training to enable staff to understand the systems. 

  • Productivity suffers and the staff is demotivated
  • Disjointed systems use different terminologies making it difficult for employees to understand
  • Manual approvals must be physically signed by busy executives.

Business Central to the rescue

Microsoft noticed the plight of the small businesses and went to work on providing the solution. Some of the main advantages of Business Central is:

  • The system grows with you as your business grows
  • Run the system from your email client – Outlook. You have it already…
  • Automation is utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Productivity increases

Integrated by design

The different system modules all use one database. This means that modules aren’t put together like Lego blocks. Integration is baked into the solution.

  • No additional integration fees
  • No duplicate data across systems
  • No dependencies on integration programs and spreadsheets
  • Productivity increases
  • Better management information
  • Much improved data quality leads to profitablility


Built-in workflow helps the tasks flow smoothly.

  • Workflow for processes and authorizations
  • Implementing a workflow for tasks reduce training time
  • Approval workflows ensure you can approvals, even while you are travelling. No need to keep your staff waiting anymore.
  • Implementing a business process workflow keeps everyone on the same page.
  • It’s a time saver for staff and managers.

Management Reporting

A business is run as well as the information available to the manager.

  • Better management information means making better decisions
  • Management reporting from the live system gives you up to date information at any time
  • Management information available at your fingertips all the time

“I believe Business Central will become the standard for businesses systems. Microsoft changed our home life with the PC. The business world will be impacted in the same way. After years of R&D, Microsoft’s business central now brings ERP functionality within reach of small businesses. ”

Christina H

Project Manager & Systems Architect